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Milomlyn is a small city (pop. about 2.5 thousand). It is located in beautiful land of lakes and forests. Near Ship Lock Milomlyn Elblag Canal forks to Ostroda, Elblag and Ilawa. Milomlyn is located between four lakes and sorrounded by forests (38% of area of commune). It lies next to route S7, near Ostroda.

The sights include the neo-Gothic church with a Baroque altar, Gothic bell tower, fragments of walls, eighteenth and nineteenth century houses. In Milomlyn you can use beach on Lake Ilinsk or a hotel with a swimming pool and medical spa.

We have four cycling routes of varying lengths, and for people who love water, we have a marina in the city center. Waterways allow organization of canoeing.

There are unique designated walking paths, where you can admire the glacial landscape.

Throughout whole year there are accommodations available, both in the village and in neighbourhood.

Soon Milomlyn will get the status of a Spa Town.

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